4P Group offers several services for the strategic aspect of your business:

Business Opportunity Assessments:

This 10-12-page document serves as an initial screening process for new business ideas and assesses if a full Business Plan is warranted. An Opportunity Assessment usually takes two to three weeks to complete.

Business Plans:

This document provides clients with a roadmap to business success and depicts what it takes to start, run, and expand a business. A business plan usually takes six to eight weeks to complete.

Marketing Plans:

This document provides clients with the four Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) and addresses what needs to be done to launch a product or service and capture market share. A marketing plan usually takes six weeks to develop.

Operations Plans:

This document provides the plan of actions to be taken during the first year of business operations or expansion. An operations plan usually takes four to six weeks to complete.

Other Projects:

4P Group is a full service agency. We will handle other projects as requested. Some of the projects 4P Group has completed include such items as Non-Profit Operations Plans and Fund Raising Documents.