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Core Competencies

4P Group’s Core Competencies Include but are not Limited to:

  • Evaluating the merits of entrepreneurial business ideas;
  • Transforming viable business concepts into commercial realities via comprehensive business plans that help companies, industries and entrepreneurs obtain funding;
  • Inspiring innovative corporate identities and brands that attract consumer mind share;
  • Creating innovative sales and marketing collateral geared toward increasing market share and revenue streams;
  • Linking corporate brands with instant global presence through high profile easy-to-navigate company websites that take advantage of the burgeoning Internet’s market reach;
  • Supporting clients with sales and marketing program launches;
  • Listening and responding to client needs and enabling customer inspired designs and ideas;
  • Providing all encompassing customer support that clients deserve and competitors aspire to achieve;
  • Identifying and incorporating the best commercially available proven technologies and methodologies to improve company efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Nurturing corporate flexibility and agility, thus enabling the company to respond quickly to market changes and conditions;
  • Creating and sustaining a lean organizational structure that provides for a more efficient use of resources ensuring that the company will be here for many years to come;
  • International business competency within a strong network of foreign government and business contacts.
  • Assisting Non-Profit corporations with IRS 501(c)(3) filings.
  • Providing accounting services to Profit and Non-Profit corporations.

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